Time: Meet 5 to 5:30, Leave at 6pm 
Date: Last Friday of EVERY Month
Location: the Vancouver Art Gallery on the Georgia Street side (by the lions)
  • Bicycles are the best transportation there is. Bicycle Supremacy is not only the way of the future but a fact of the present.
  • Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of cycling. It is an end in itself and a means to acheiving greater cycling respect, safety and fun. Plus it is a way to demonstrate to others how sweet it can be.
  • We ride around the city wherever people want to go - this is decided collectively - the length of the ride depends on enthusiasm and is also collectively decided. No one who comes is forced to or needs to break the law in order to participate. However, one must realise that the auto-centric law contained in the MOTOR VEHICLES ACT is by its very definition hopelessly inadequate. Remember:

    We do not block traffic - We are traffic!!!
  • People often ask how many people usually come? This varies widely with season and weather though we ride rain or shine every month of the year. Please do attend if you can, too often people I say I won't come unless it is big but of course it won't be big unless you come. Everyone is welcomed, it's a fun event for all types: young and old, new cyclists and experienced, slow and fast, no political rhetoric required (though political action and self empowerment is encouraged). At the time of writing this the rides are consistently getting bigger. For the 10th Anniversary of San Fransico Critical Mass, the Vancouver ride had 250 cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbladers which is our record so far but as the days grow longer and sunnier rides in 2003 will likely surpass that.

    Check out the SEX Survey we hand out!
  • It should be a lot of fun! There are Dinosaurs against fossil fuels and other costumed cyclist, there are people with music and those with their own signs. Also many have bike bells and horns to add to the festive spirit. Bring any and all of these if you can
  • See you there or e-mail Russell at spam@ ---> @bikesexual.org for more info or to suggest to ideas for this website or to the email list.
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