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local vancouverish linksya
  1. Critical Mass Vancouver - last friday of every month
  2. Velolove Listserv Email Group  - discuss, create; you are critical mass: you create it by talking to people. no one is in charge.
  3. Bikesexual.ORG - vancouver bike community hub plus secret links
  4. Wholesome Undie Vancouver Indymedia
  5. Pedal Revolutionary Radio - 101.9fm CiTR thursdays 5-6pmOur Community Bikes - 17th and main st. non-profit bike repair instruction cheap used bikes 604-879-BIKE
  6. Bikeworks - non profit bike shop in downtown east, 49 east hastings - 604-688-9888
  7. PedalPlay - wicked chopper bikes in vancouver - 604-916-BIKE
  8. UBC AMS Bike Co-op - shared bikes, how to fix, get a bike - 604-822-BIKE
  9. The Bike Kitchen - the non profit bikeshop in the bike hub [bike co-op] - 604-827-7333 [82-SPEED]
  10. Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition - sometimes too conservative, well organised, definately your ally, join the VACC and get active!
  11. Vancouver Chapter of VACC - If more troublemakers join the VACC it can grow
  12. VACC Links
  13. V.A.C.C. Cycling Survey - quick and worth it
  14. B.E.S.T. Cycling links
  15. City of Vancouver Bicycle Page - includes bike route maps
  16. Bicycle People - sadly disbanded, keep track of Guy Wera via velolove
  17. The Sanctuary Foundation - makers of bikeways.com, training for youth bike mechanics
  18. Fight the 'Free'way - expansion to 8 lanes in east vancouver - SPEC, BEST report
  19. Gone Cycling - cycling safety & education, commuting & camping. CAN-BIKE
  20. Guywires Cycletech - vancouver school board bike mechanic repair course CAN-BIKE
  21. George Massey Tunnel Bike Shuttle Schedule Information - richmond/delta- only works in the summer. to get to tswassen ferry terminal you must use either this or take the bus and pray the 2 bike capacity rack isn't full. totally inadequate. however, it is possible to critical mass the tunnel with only 7 people ;-)
  22. British Columbia Cycling Coalition - victoria, bc
  23. David Grove Pix - excellent artistic documentation of critical mass and special event bike rides
  24. Ian Paterson Pix - excellent artistic documentation of critical mass and special event bike rides
  25. World Naked Bike Ride - need we say more? organised by the fabulous worklessparty.org
  26. Velolove Website - an alternate domain to this one, currently used to announce special rides
  27. Vancouver Bicycle Club - a social cycling club, friendly
  28. Jericho Cycle Polo - sunday and wednesday in the summer. part of Canadian Bike Polo
  29. Cycling BC online - sport cycling
  30. CM Vancouver pictures/art database - part of this website, great free resource
  31. BC MOTOR Vehicle Act - for some reason sections 183 and 184 legally control bicycles
  32. MEC Bike drop during BEST's Bikemonth
  33. Translink Bicycles - tokenism
  34. Vancouver Police Department Bicycle Squad - don't tell them they are riding two abreast because they aren't doing that - your eyes are wrong
  35. Cycling Network Program - funding
  36. Vancouver Bikesummer 2001 - it's over now
  37. Jane and Rusl's bike trip - in europe 2003
  38. Cara's Bike Trip Blog - NZ
  39. A-Infos (en) DAMN Vancouver Critical Mass Ride Busted - press release 1998
  40. City of Vancouver City Council Heads:
only those known are listed, starting with the best, these are the opinions of the webmaster only, there is no party line at critical mass, but i would be dishonest if i didn't admit i'm mostly pro-COPE. critical mass is not just politics, but it is good to remember who has ridden with us
  • Councillor Fred Bass - the best, most pro-cycling councillor. rides CM regular, not just for publicity. showed up to december critical mass when only the really dedicated show up - and shared his christmas chocolate. the councillor with the most votes of all of them.
  • Councillor Tim Louis - tim is a parapalegic lawyer so he has a good excuse for not riding critical mass. however, I wouldn't be surprised if he did wheel with us some time in the future because he is the most awesome anti-car councillor, very solid and reliable for progressive transportation. he advocates for car-free downtown and removing car lanes to build bike lanes on burrard st bridge. fred bass and tim are the stalwarts that have stuck up for biking since before you remember.
  • Councillor Ellen Woodsworth - very pro-cycling, has ridden a few critical mass rides, advocated for bikes on skytrain before it was cool. super awesomely pro bus riders union. very busy person, tireless advocate.
  • Councillor Peter Ladner - is the golden boy of the pro-business NPA party. despite that, he is a very solid cyclist and advocate for cycling from within the business community! rode on the 2000+4 wheels critical mass with his wife and is currently proposing to remove cars from cornwall st to make room for cyclists, and complete the seawall. sometimes you should be careful of his pro-business leanings but a surprisingly excellent cycling councillor.
  • Councillor Anne Roberts - definately a pro-alternative transportation councillor
  • Councillor David Cadman - major player at SPEC, yet drives a volvo. speaks in favour of bikes often enough but hasn't been seen riding one.
  • Councillor Tim Stevenson - former NDP MLA. rode the trecherous old lions gate bridge in support of VACC to help prove the danger of it to cyclists. however, he then turned around and supported the dumb car bridge expansion and unacceptably small upgrades to the sidewalk without proper bike facilities.
  • Councillor Raymond Louie - A roadie cyclist who rode Critical Mass with other COPE councillors right before the City election. He seems fairly bright but has a trecherous pro-business streak and he dastardly proposed to jack up bus fares again, after it was off the table and the Bus Riders Union had seemingly won.

not just bikes vancouver then
  1. Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels - because extinction stinks
  2. Dinosaur eMailing List - fossil fools against fossil fuels
  3. Go Green website - BEST helps businesseses and large organisations make it more practical for employees to not drive
  4. Full Cost of the Car Calculator - awesome resource on the GoGreen page mysteriously dissappeared!
  5. Better Environmentally Sound Transportation - B.E.S.T. they do bike month and won the million $ grant to build the central valley greenway
  6. Offramp - decent youth activism wing of BEST, published a zine
  7. People Not Cars [PNC] because enough is enough
  8. translink - the public bus system that like to pretend it was private - bus schedule
  9. BC Transit
  10. Vancouver Maps
  11. Co-operative Auto Network if people shared cars they would almost be practical
  12. Vanpooling
  13. UBC Trek site - with a mandate to reduce driving to UBC by 20% or pay translink for the costs of that traffic they had a lot of potential. they eventually suceeded in getting the u-pass. they had a big budget and they supported the bikecoop
  14. Transport Report 2000 
  15. Washington Transport Choices Coalition
  16. Sierra Legal Defense Fund - tireless environmental lawyers on the side of good
  17. Vancouver Indymedia - share the real news
  18. resist.ca - local computer networkers and anarchists emphasising autonomy - similar to oat.ca
  19. squeegeemedia.com - local computer networkers hosting CM vancouver for free - very awesome deserves support - be the media
  20. Vancouver Public Library
  21. Vancouver Weather Underground - or via evil GlobalBS corporate site - or see satellite map
  22. Spartacus Books - alternative political bookshop
  23. terminal city - excellent weekly newsrag alternative to the corporate alternative georgia straight, but then there has been some infighting and this might be a link to a shell of its former self. staff started excellent 'only' magazine - don't know the URL yet
  24. WestEnder - trendy weekly newsrag. many pro bike and pro CM articles
  25. thetyee.ca - alternative online news vancouver
  26. the republic - vancouver's opinionated newspaper: to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable
  27. thenerve - obnoxious local rock magazine
  28. citr - radio 101.9fm UBC noncorporate
  29. coop - radio 102.7fm community radio
  30. cjsf - radio 90.1fm SFU noncorporate
  31. VCN - vancouver community net
  32. RUSL - my art school webspace
  33. Bus Riders Union - good stuff

glowball CM/bicke linx

  Click for the worldwide
  directory of Critical Mass
A History of Critical Mass in Vancouver
  1. San Fran Original Critical Mass History
  2. The UnOfficial Guide to Critical Mass, Melbourne 1998
  3. Critical Mass Toronto
  4. Henry's LA Critical Mass Page
  5. Philadelphia Critical Mass
  6. Cardiff Critical Mass
  7. Mini Mass (frimini)
  8. Dildoman
  9. Critical Mass Song
  10. Critical Mass Brochure
  11. How To Make A Critical Mass
  12. ***Video of Critical Mass around the world including Vancouver!
  13. Xerocracy at Critical Mass - lead by example - democracy
  14. Intersection Online — News and activism from Toronto
  15. frimini - free mini mass
  16. S.F. Freewheelers Want to Join Union_Bike messengers weary of pedaling for peanuts [fix]
  17. Voir Dire - The Web Site of Sean Collinsworth, Bicycle Expert, and Bike Expert Witness. [fix]
  18. perso.wanadoo.es-aozomek- enlaces.htm - some kind of foreign bike resources that look cool if you could 
  19. read it

l'art links
  1. Car-Toons - good!
  2. Critical Mass Song
  3. fyxomatosis - fixed gear bike fantasy


other poop
  1. TAO - providing the means
  2. WhiteDwarf - a real flying bicycle! also see pictures
  3. Airship Resources (airships, blimps)
  4. PBIC Image Library
  5. mschuette.html - bicycle rack for a motorbike
  6. The Voice Newspaper of Langara College's journalism department
  7. Automobile Accident Victims v. Insurance Companies
  8. Preservation Institute
  9. Friends of the Earth
  10. Molson Indy '98 Links
  11. Spoke Ad Page
  12. Energy Outreach Centre
  13. Infoshop Anarchist Activists' Links
  14. protest.net

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