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This use to be where the new flyers were put, however, it is more practical to put them on the Blog so from now on, go to the BLOG for updated flyers
You are the revolution, print these or make up your own flyer!

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Printer Resolution: good quality 200dots = 1inch,
very high quality 300dots = 1inch, dpi = dots per inch

Hallowe'en 2004:


Hallowe'en October 29 Ride
by Rusl
200dpi at 8.5x11"
[print out and put it up
may need to set printer on 'dark']

'Timeless' General flyers/posters: [never out of date]

55 KB BIKEFRE8.gif
Bikes Equal Freedom
by Rusl
[too small for nice printing]
356 KB BIKEFRE8big.gif
Bikes Equal Freedom
by Rusl

[very big]
90 KB bikesnotbombs.GIF
Bikes Not Bombs
by Rusl
5.5"x8.5" [half 8.5x11]
.gif version smaller

259 KB bikesnotbombs.JPG
Bikes Not Bombs
by Rusl

5.5"x8.5" [half 8.5x11]
.jpg version bigger but works on Macintosh computers
251 KB cm-nodate2.gif
Two Quarter Sheet Handouts
by Rusl
5.5"x8.5" at 200dpi
109 KB cm-nodatebum.jpg
Nice Bum CM
by Rusl
5.5"x4.25" at 200dpi
quarter sheet handout
119 KB cm-nodateSKEL1.gif
Skeleton CM
by Rusl
5.5"x4.25" at 200dpi
quarter sheet handout
243 KB momentum-pedrev-advert.jpg
Pedal Revolutionary Radio Show
by Rusl
[email address is wrong]

Also see: Old Vancouver section and International Flyer section
for useful flyers requiring only slight alterations
[e.g.change date or email...]
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