PEDAL REVOLUTIONARY Our Funky Bike Logo (only 16kb!) RADIO
Listen to the velorution: 
From the back of a long Three Person orange low-rider Bicycle we broadcast with a large (20ft) radio transmitter antenna while riding around UBC! 
The Pedal Revolutionary Radio Show, 
on CiTR 101.9 FM Radio in Vancouver, BC, Canada 
From 5:00 to 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time
We broadcast every second Thursday alternating with the Legally Hip Radio Show 
    (1) Unfortunately CiTR's Radio Broadcast signal is weak but it has been known to be picked up as far South as Seattle and as far North as the Sunshine Coast. Depending on the weather, time of day, sun spot cycle and if you have enough good bike karma you may or may not be able to pick it up. Try moving your radio around in your house and fiddle with the antennea [theoretically 73cm is the optimum antennea length however sometimes that will just pick up the wrong signals]; one listener of ours in East Vancouver got great reception from his radio when it was placed in the middle of the kitchen on top of a ladder! 

    (2) Or if you have cable TV, you can plug the cable into your radio, tune into 101.9FM and get a very good signal. 

    (3) Or for those chained to the computer, listen from anywhere in the world on the internet live through the CiTR webpage. You will need to install a special program [for windows, mac or linux] on your computer and have a sound card on your computer to listen. The program is free and it is all very easy to set up. However sometimes the webcast for CiTR isn't working, your computer and program might be working fine but the broadcast is not on.
If all of these things fail or you are not tuned in at the right time you can listen to our previous broadcasts here as well.