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Shows are listed with newest first and oldest last and seperated by year: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003...

Here we will try to document all of the shows we have broadcast so far on CiTR since the show began in November 2000. Details include guests, special topics, repair tip of the week and link to the realaudio recording (if avaliable)

To listen you need the Realaudioplayer (which is free but do not give them your real information or do the regular updates because they are an evil, evil corporation)

Last Updated: March 16, 2003 [incomplete]

We have recorded almost all of our shows on Cassette Tape and eventually we will reformat them into real audio and post them here. When we first started we put 3 early shows on real audio and they are posted on Vancouver Indymedia with the links below. If anybody would like to help us record all the other (now more than 60) cassettes into the computer it would be very much appreciated! Or if anybody is capable of recording our internet broadcast live as it happens (with a streaming mp3 recording program) and is willing to help us in that way that would be very useful.

Thursday Mar. 13, 2003 (5:00 - 6:00):
  • guest: Jivian the semi-naked cyclist 
  • special features: tried to phone Tooked Gomberg but he didn't answer. Report on February Critical Mass and the Burrard St Bridge Bike Lane Ride of March 1. More on the Oil War.
  • New Music: Newest Exhaust Album, Enregistreur, the same people of God Speed You Black Emperor! and One-Speed Bike.
   Recorded and soon to be online!

      ... [shows every two weeks 2001-2003 not yet transcribed]

Thursday Feb. 15, 2001 (5:30 - 6:00):
Valentine Velolove Special
  • guests: DJ Antennahead Julie, Fossilosopher King reading his poem about the Love of Air 
  • special features: tantalizing readings from the Winter Solstice issue of Western Bush. Also pedalsongs: A Bicycle Built for Two and Queens of the Road
   Recorded and soon to be online!
Thursday Feb. 1, 2001 (5:30 - 6:00):  
The Levy's dead - what now? 
  • guests: Ray Stratsma (from BEST) talking about the Translink vehicle levy
  • repair tip: Snakebite the Mechanic on Gearing: Repair, Maintenantce and Technique.
  • special feature: Ray Stratsma talking about the Translink vehicle levy, bus fares and how we really need a Bus Riders' Union now.
  • Listen to RealAudio Recording Now

Thursday Jan. 18, 2001 (5:30 - 6:00): 
Remembering Iraq 
  • guest: Antennahead Julie 
  • repair tip: True Wheel Neil--chains
  • special feature: words and music from Itch (Euphoria album) to mark the 10th anniversary of the Gulf War.
  • Recorded and soon to be Online!

Thursday Jan. 11, 2001 (5:20 - 6:00): 
Scooping the CBC 
  • guests: Kari, Steve Balyi (over telephone)
  • repair tip: Suntour Jesse and Retroman (Jason)--keeping your bike inside
  • special feature: live phone interview with Steve Balyi and his court victory for cyclists Section 183 MVA no longer riding in the gutter!
  • Listen to RealAudio Recording Now

Thursday Dec. 28, 2000 (5:00 - 6:00): 
Pedalsinging and Fossilosophy Special (1 hour long) 
  • guests: Fossilosopher King, Patti-Pow, One-Less Carmen, Kari
  • repair tip: Bicycle Repairman (Johann)--brakes
  • special features: Live singing, coverage of pedestrian vigil (including interview with Bev  Ballantine)
  • Listen to RealAudio Recording Now

Thursday Dec. 14, 2000 (5:30 - 6:00): 
Snowy Day! 
  • guest: Graeme
  • traffic correspondent: Spandex-Free Queen (Julie)
  • repair tip: Bicycle Repairman (Johann)--black ice
  • No Recording! email us if you have a copy!

Thursday Nov. 30, 2000 (5:30 - 6:00): 
WTO Anniversary Show 
  • guests: Chris Nolan, Graeme
  • traffic correspondent: Chris Keam
  • repair tip: Bicycle Repairman (Johann)--flat tires
  • special feature: audio footage from the WTO in Seattle 1999
  • Recorded and soon to be Online!

Thursday Nov. 16, 2000 (5:30 - 6:00): 
Premiere Show  
  • guest: Snakebite (James)
  • traffic correspondent: Scott 
  • repair tip: Snakebite the Mechanic (James)--tires
  • special feature: bike fashion tips from the Spandex-Free Queen (Julie) 
  • Recorded and soon to be Online!

This show is about the whole bike/pedestrian/alternative transport community, and we NEED your imput: events, issues, bike music, whatever you can think of - let's broadcast the velorution. 

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