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Collected Bikesexual Images:
Cycling is a physical activity which provokes natural physical responses. These erotic images are just a random collection from the Internet, basically all I could find. If you know of any bikesexual images please email suggestions. (do not send photos directly to this address) The purpose of the webpage is just to gather together what sexual bicycle imagery there is - be it good or bad, to be judged in a public forum.
Some pornography is exploitive. The term itself originates from the latin for prostitute. BIKESEXUAL.ORG is strongly opposed to exploitation, especially exploitation of women.
However, the conditions which support exploitation are rooted in ignorance and silence. Sexuality and nudity are healthy and normal. We have a society where sexuality is dangerously repressed - violence is considered acceptable for family viewing but not nudity!? The best way to combat this is with openness.
Please contribute and make this a better statement FOR healthy, open sexuality, bicycles, and


Some Bikesexual Links/Sources:
Chicas en Bici:
Spanish Bike Porn

Monkeyview Cyclerotic

Bikesexual Images Collection


photographer gets young women to pose on his 1-speed

Erotic Cycling Supplier

World Naked Bike Ride:
June 12, 2004
Holesome Undy
Underwear Bike Ride

Berkeley Nudists
Ride Naked

Pedal Powered Vibrator Dildo
Strange Female Mastrubation Machine

Key Exchange:
movie briefly features sex while riding a bike, indoors

Bike Cult
...yes we are
Dumb Bike Jokes
South California Swingers?

Gay/Lesbian Bike Clubs:

Gay West Toronto BUG

Seattle Different Spokes

the images were mostly found using google image search without 'safety' filters
or via tips from you. email me your ideas.
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---> In some cases there are larger (better quality) versions of these files already on disk. Ifthere is an image here you would like in a different format or size then email and I may be able to help or suggest help - replies will not be prompt. GIMP is an Open Source image manipulation program (like Photoshop) that i would recomend. -Russell
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